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A Reluctant Gamer.

I think its time to seriously consider just becoming a weekend gamer.  I took a couple of days last week, because I was stressed out.  Work and my personal life collided with each other, and I finally gave into taking a break from reality for a little bit.

But during that time to escape I decided to play video games the whole time, it helped me forget about reality and just focus on world of make believe.  But it made me realize something about myself, I have become addicted to games all over again. It made me see that I wasted a lot of good hours, just sitting in front of a screen to do absolutely nothing.  I don’t need to escape reality during the week, I need to embrace it.

I need to start applying what I do in games, to my life.  To make the changes I need to advance to my goals. The break I took made me realize, that this isn’t were I need to be, so I need to change that.

So the first this I need to give up is games during the week, and maybe games all together.  I need to fill my nights with doing something productive.

Recorded on 07-21-2014

Recorded on 07-21-2014

[Gameplay] Having Some Good Time In Diablo 3.

So on Monday, I play a couple of game with SionMisono and NongDao.  We had a fun time, here are some highlights of us goofing around in the game.

The first one is us, running to the treasure room:
Here us saying what is truly Diablo music. 

One Day I'll Get to 1000 post.

So I told myself that once, I get to 1000 post on my blog, I would get off blogger and go to a real service. I have bought a web server and used squarespace before, but I wasted money because I never posted anything. So this time around I decided that blogger would be the right fit.  An so far it has been, I am only 200 post in, and its been 2 years I think.

At this point it might take me a while to get 1000, but I’ll wait.  If it comes to that. I won’t be moving any of my content over.  I’ll link to this blog instead.

But I just wanted to take note of this again, in my blog, since I have been posting lately.  I’ve been trying to make a post everyday.

Vinsader Update

Last night I said I would only play till the end of Act 2, well that didn’t happen, I went into Act 3 and beat the first boss.  I really need to go to sleep early tonight.  But lets see if that will happen.

So since I did play last night I’ll update you on the new look and build.

Diablo Crusader: Vinsader is 32.

Playing Diablo 3, and going to sleep a hour later then I should, is probably going to catch up on me by the end of the week.  But at this point it doesn’t matter, but I think tonight I’ll be finishing Act II and then calling it a night. 

So playing the Crusader is getting fun, playing a Tank class, hasn’t really been my thing.  I have always been a DPS player.  I just want the quick kill, and move on.  Learning to slow down, has been an interesting journey.  All I did before with the Demon Hunter was point click and unload the damage.  Not really hard, just learning to manage my Hatred.  It took me a while to find a balance between Cool Downs, Wrath Management, and Wrath Generation.  But after playing to level 25, I finally got my rotation down to easily killing things. Which is a good thing, but the game got too easy at the Hard Setting.

The game being too easy, can be a problem, but what is even more of a problem was that since I was in the middle of a dungeon, when I realized I was getting one hit kills and rushing through the content like it was nothing.  I don’t want the game to get too easy because, I want to have some challenge.  So I hit ESC and see if I can up the difficulty, and my only option is to lower it.  To make it harder I had to exit out of the game, and set it. No problem, but I didn’t want to do it while I was in the middle a quest.  So I waited till I was about 26 and back at the hidden camp.

Now that I have set it to Expert Level, it was finally a game again, and the drops were so sweet.  It was somewhat of a challenge to beat mobs now, so I’ll continue with it, till the game gets too easy again or too hard.  It really depends on how I am feeling. 

So here is my current build.

So I purchased Diablo 3 Reapers of Souls yesterday.

Regular Edition vs Digital Collectors Edition

So yesterday, I made a blog post about how I was playing Diablo 3 again.  An then I get a message from Dave to play it that very night.  So after having that conversation I decided that I was going to pick up Reapers of Souls.  But I had a decision to make, should I get just Regular Edition or Digital Collectors Edition.

I always like extras, and since I am use to paying $59.99 for a game, it really wasn’t a problem.  But I wanted to know how useful the extras were. So you know I had to do a google search (Deluxe edition Diablo 3 worth it), and I came up with these forum post.

So after reading these posts, I decided on just the regular edition of the game because: 
  1. The extra items aren’t worth it, since they are mainly use for transmogrification of items.
  2. The pet is just for display. So no real help there.
  3. I don’t really need 3 extra slots, I currently only occupy 3 of my character slots.
  4. I don’t play World of Warcraft, so I don’t need the pet for that.
  5. I don’t play Starcraft 2, so those icons mean nothing to me. 
Blizzard made it really simple for me, since they added so much other crap to the Digital Collectors Edition that I didn’t need.  I would have liked to have more Diablo 3 items, then have items for games I don’t play. It makes me feel like they are trying to get me to go back to World of Warcraft, which I quit 3 years ago because I realized how much money I spent on the game over my 3 years of playing it. 

Playing Reapers of Souls

Now that I got Reapers of Souls, Me and Dave go into Diablo 3 playing Crusaders.  I haven’t played a melee class in a while, so it was nice not being made out of glass. The only thing I need to manage is my wrath, which is a problem at the moment, but I think I will get the hang of it.  It took me a while to figure out how to balance my hatred for the Demon Hunter. But this is the build I am going with now.

I am currently level 21, and I’ll be playing this all the way through to the new content. But I am itching to play my Demon Hunter again. But then I realized I don’t want to be a glass cannon. 

As for playing with Dave, it is interesting because I realized since he never had help before playing Diablo 3„ so he doesn’t know how everything works. But it will be interesting to see how he builds his crusader, if he decides to stick with it.

Atom: A Hackable Text Editor


Github last week, finally released the Windows version of Atom, I am always looking for new text editor. I have been using Notepad++ for a while, but I have been looking for something with a simple interface. So when Atom came out months ago, I was very interested in the program. But at the time it was only Mac and Linux compatible, which sucked but what can you do, the software is free and it is just a text editor.

So I moved along and let it be, I know I could have just installed it on my Linux laptop, but that isn’t my daily driver. My Windows 7 box is my main PC, while my Linux box is a server and I use SSH and command line to run that. So you can’t miss something you haven’t used.

Here I am today, I am using Atom to write this post, and I am using markdown code to format it. An I have to say, I really like it. But I can’t really give an review of it just yet. I need about a month using the software before I can be objective about me, replacing Notepad++. So that is what I will do, the next month I will be using Atom exclusively and I will take notes about what I like and what I hate.

But so far, I’m impressed that it has markdown support, right off the bat. A lot of text editor don’t. With Atom including it a 0.115.0 release makes me happy.

Started Playing Diablo 3 again.

An I decided to play a Wizard This time around, I am currently level 32, and I have decided on this build.

The last time I played Diablo, I only played a Demon Hunter, I maxed it out to 60. Which wasn’t too hard, but then I got bored of the game.  I was a glass cannon, but what can you do, playing the game over and over again with no gear made the game impossible.  I hated the Auction House.  But then the expansion came out, they took out the AH and I finally got gear for the class, that I was playing.  Blizzard tried some stuff, and most of it was garbage, so the changed the game.

I still haven’t bought the new Expansion, because I want to see if I can get to level 60 again before I get bored.  Being that I am half way now, it will most likely happen.  I am playing it on Hard at the moment, which really isn’t a challenge at all.  I’ll see how I fair on Expert or Master, Till the game gets hard there is no reason to pretend that I am effective as a Wizard yet.

If I am not tired tonight after work, I’ll put in some time playing Diablo. I really should stream my games.

I was just running around and then bam, this happened and I had to help Gillermo Lopes.

Scott, Neesha is in Trouble, Aiden to the Rescue.

Aiden has a nightmare as he sleeps.

Finally safe, at the hide out.

So escaping the stadium was a little harder then I thought. Stealth is key but, if I get shot at, expect a gun fight.

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